Monday, October 15, 2007

And the "real" Amy shows her true colors

Recently posted on Amy's site in response to my opinion of her severely naiive and wrongful depiction of the situation in Guatemala:

Third Generation,Take your happy adopter ass elsewhere. I don't want you here. I read at least twenty news articles. Then I went to the Joint Council For International Children Services, The National Council for Adoption and the State Department for additional information. I don't want to live in Guatemala. I imagine the INS would say the same thing. Quit fucking adopting from Guatemala. For your information, I am a Desert Storm Vet that did not vote for the asshole in office. I sure as hell don't support this war. Go your fucking ass elsewhere.

Third Generation says:
Glad you know how to read Amy - go to the library and you can find a book about just about anything you want to hear to agree with your sorry point of view of adoption. Getting off your fat lazy behind and meeting the people who are actually involved in this, and actually doing something about is how things get done that last and how "real" people triumph over the system.

And referring to the President of the United States as you have above, while endorsing his government agency reports shows just how much of a poor and mixed-up person you actually are. I suppose you simply worked on the back lines and served mess? Because I sure wouldn't trust you with real marching orders when you refer to the Commander in Chief as you have. If you hate the establishment, then why do you use their data to formulate and push your opinion?
Once again, whatever is convenient to write about if it "sounds" good, by all means use it for your convenient cause, because your cause outside opening birth records is moot. And with your undeducated positions, you've watered that down and lost respect.

You have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recent Response to Amy's post on Guatemala

Your opinion has some truth to it, but your personal experience is nill. Your opinions are based on the media and someone's outside view. I am not pro adoption for Guatemala, but I have adopted twins from this country, legitimately adopted legally and with all legal paperwok 2002-3. I am an adoptee and I hate adoption in this country because of how often it is a travesty. There is no easy solution to any of these causes and Guatemala has many corrupt people in the country seeking gain thru adoption. They also have one of the largest populations of poor people who are targets for those who coerce them into adoption. The american agencies are just as guilty in seeking the monies from prospective parents who are desperate for a family. I have personally been inside over 25 orphanages in Guatemala, interviewed all of the owners (including the aids orphanage) and the picture you paint is severely lacking. The country has major issues and poverty will drive many to do things that are not right. But let's not forget that everyone is at fault here. The adoptive parents are at fault for wanting a family and Guatemala is the closest and least cumbersome when compared to Russia, China or Korea. The agencies are making a living on adoption and therefore they are at fault. The facilitators and lawyers of Guatemala are at fault for taking advantage of a system in which a single adoption (they average one or two a month) nets them 3 to 5 times the average annual income of a high functioning Guatemalan employee. (Average income is 12,000 annually for a bilingual highly educated Guatemala city worker of a bank or major corporation.) And the poor people of the country are also guilty for surrendering their children because they are either too poor to feed them, are victims of the system as they are drug addicts or prostitutes and have chosen to give their children a life instead of using them as fronts on the street. Not to mention the legitimate orphanages are also guilty for taking these children in when they are dropped at the gates because their parents cannot feed or clothe or house them because of their impoverished or addicted state (I personally sitnessed this while visiting an orphanage - one of 23 - outside GC in 2003). Parents simply dropped off two young children (5 and 7) and drove off leaving them because they know the orphanages will care for them. And Guatemala is severely guilty for their abandonment law disallowing all orphan adoption if a single heir (any blood relative) can be located in the country, regardless if they are willing to care for their relative or not! And Amy, I love your heart, but you too are guilty for jumping on the bandwagon of those who generalize an entire program based on a single case or abuse of a system. I am also guilty because I wanted a family and my wife and I cannot have children due to medical reasons. I am also guilty because I don't believe in the local system and how they push children with severe disabilities and behavioral issues which have been caused by the system itself. (They save all infants for those with money who pay the state big money to get the infants.) Or the goofiness of a system that allows people to go on parade seeking to be chosen either by prospective parents or parents being chosen by surrendering birth mothers. Does this not fly in the face of stupidity? I'm going to go on parade so a young girl who already has issues and has made some questionable decisions is going to make the right choice of a family to raise the child they are surrendering? I don't believe in a system that is run by inexperience, bureauocracy, injustice and a court system that rips biological and foster chilren out of their natural and foster homes based on an outsider's invalid and often incorrect accusation, puts them in foster homes that abuse them mentally, physically and sexually and then won't help them when they get all screwed up. I am at fault for disagreeing with a country that allows people to obtain an abortion because they made a bad judgment call on a one-night stand and simply feel they are "entitled" to another "chance" or to do anything as long as it's "legal". And we are all guilty for being so naiive that we think we can base an opinion from afar. Voice your opinions, but please let's all stop being generalists and alarmists and pulling a single case out of the news and then throwing entire groups "under the bus". There is no perfect answer. I'm an adoptee and I hate adoption. I'm an adoptive parent and I hate adoption, but I love my family and it's the only thing in this life I value. If it were up to me, parents who abandon their children would go to court and have to pay child support to their abandoned children for the rest of their lives to make up for the injustices they have caused. Let's start looking at who the real creeps are in this country and take action and do something about them. Every adoptee who has been in a foster home should be eligible for medical the rest of thier lives. Every foster child who has never been adopted should be given a college education at the cost of the government, provided with housing until they are on their feet and then be allowed to go back to their records, seek out their birth parents and garner their wages for the grief they caused when they chose convenience over responsibility. Maybe we could even make them servants of the adoptees? My rant ceases for a day.....