Thursday, April 12, 2007

USA Today article on "Meet The Robinsons"

Traveling and in Cleveland for the week, I've been reading USA Today for the last couple of days. Interestingly enough, adoption has been front and center both days. In Wednesday's addition, an announcement that Russia is stopping adoption inefinitely is front page. In today's edition on page 9D under "Behavior", Steve Fries talks about the unfavorable response from adoption advocates on the Disney movie. Oh my oh my, how toes getting stepped on speak out!

Adam Pertman of the Evan B. Donaldson makes a wonderful point in defense of children eligible for adoption.

Ellen Shapiro, a psyschotherapist in New York, an adoptive parent of a Vietnamese girl cannot decide whether to leave the movie or not?

The article includes the statement - "That setup has disturbed hundrds of adoptive parents and their children, stoking abandonment and rejection fears originating from a story that does not accurately reflect how adopted children are placed with families," says Adam Pertman.

So here's my point - the adoptive parent is speaking up, but where is the voice of the adoptee? I respect the adoptive parents view because I'm an adoptive parent - but where is the voice of the adoptee? I understand I'm in an unusual position to see from two sets of lenses, but dammit, when will these writers get the scoop from the adoptee. So adoptees - please tell me how you feel? Tell them how you feel. Tell them that adoption is not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, there is an ugly ugly side where the barren adoptive population is simply out shopping for kids!

Send your comments, write to Steve Fries and Adam Pertman. Get your voices heard!